Chip and Eddie are the "weird kids", however, it's entirely possible that they're perfectly normal and it's the rest of the world that's 'weird'.

013 - A Lot In Common

Wednesday, the 27th of January at 3:47 AM, 2021
013 - A Lot In Common
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Author Notes:

Octopus Ink Wednesday, the 27th of January at 3:47 AM, 2021
Octopus Ink
Roxy Hooper is from another comic project of mine, though, in that story (which, I guess, takes place in a whole different universe), she is just a LITTLE bit different.


lirvilas Wednesday, the 27th of January at 7:24 PM, 2021
common interests are good!
Guest Thursday, the 28th of January at 11:56 PM, 2021
So nice when people in a relationship can share a hobby XD
RoseGraves Friday, the 29th of January at 8:00 AM, 2021
It's good to have hobbies you can share. ;-)
KidCthulhu Tuesday, the 2nd of March at 4:13 PM, 2021
Hey, there's that witch again ^_^

I knew a pair of girls in high school that had similar tastes in girls that I did. Made things awkward sometimes, as neither of these two young ladies were very discreet...