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014 - There Goes My Hero

Sunday, the 14th of March at 3:47 PM, 2021
014 - There Goes My Hero
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Octopus Ink Sunday, the 14th of March at 3:47 PM, 2021
Octopus Ink
2020 was chock full of celebrity death.
Chances are that someone you may have admired succumbed to The Plague.
You know the feeling.


Hogan Monday, the 15th of March at 1:08 PM, 2021
I've lost several people I've admired bigly that last couple of years... fortunately they we mostly all up in years where they'd liven a good and productive life and went peacefully, but it was hard missing someone I'd grown up with...
KidCthulhu Thursday, the 18th of March at 8:30 AM, 2021
You got that right! 2021 is still awful too.

Incidentally, Big Role Model Of Misanthropy sounds like an album title.