Chip and Eddie are the "weird kids", however, it's entirely possible that they're perfectly normal and it's the rest of the world that's 'weird'.


Chip       Eddie
Chauncey Alexander Larroquette aka "Chip"       Edgar Mario Rizzo aka "Eddie"
17 years old.  5'10"                                           17 years old. 6' 0"
1st appearance: 001 - Chip & Eddie                    1st appearance: 001 - Chip & Eddie

-Chip and Eddie have been best friends since 7th grade, but have been actually dating only for a few months. Chip is a painter and sketch artist; Eddie is a bassist looking for a band. They are in their final year of high school and trying desperately to survive and graduate amid the general weirdness of teenage life, the specific weirdness indicative of their oddball city, the various high school subcultures, both real and imagined, clashing; overzealous teachers with issues and the quirks of their respective families.
Once that happens, (IF that happens), then, they will find out how weird the larger world truly is!