Chip and Eddie are the "weird kids", however, it's entirely possible that they're perfectly normal and it's the rest of the world that's 'weird'.

022 - Anniversary 4: A New Beginning

Monday, the 4th of October at 1:08 AM, 2021
022 - Anniversary 4: A New Beginning
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Author Notes:

Octopus Ink Monday, the 4th of October at 1:08 AM, 2021
Octopus Ink
Vince and Jojo have been through some stuff.
Their families were not exactly open-minded regarding their interracial love affair.
Jojo got preggers with twins at a pretty young age, and, let's just say that their departure from their families' lives was pretty dramatic.
(Hint: "Vincent Rizzo" and "Joan Jolene Pierson-Rizzo - aka JoJo" are NOT the names that they were born under!)

Now, like any good parents, they're worried about raising their kids in this crazy world. They're happy that their youngest kid is happy, healthy and has a good head on his shoulders.
A fine (and deliberate) change from all the angsty teen' BS and Queer Issues Drama that's always so prevalent in these stories. Of course, the world being what it is
(underlyingly weird, as that's the way my fictional worlds tend to go), things will get real strange at some point.

Still, it looks like the two month anniversary date went off without a hitch! I can only imagine how romantic the SIX month anniversary is gonna be!


Hogan Monday, the 4th of October at 9:36 AM, 2021
The love of parents transfered to their kids... how things should be :-)